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Petri Välisuo

Associate Professor
University of Vaasa

Phone: +358 29 449 8330

Stefan Backlund

Project Leader
Åbo Akademi University

Phone: +358 50 471 3230

Shiva Sharma

Project Leader
Novia University of Applied Sciences

Phone: +358 50 324 8873

Ghodrat Moghadampour

Principal Lecturer
VAMK University of Applied Sciences

Phone: +358 207 663 569

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WSTAR: Wasa Zero Emission Data Centre

Puuvillakuja 3, FI-65200 Vaasa, Finland

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This project has received funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU instrument and is funded by the Academy of Finland under grant number No 353562 (353563, 353590, 353606).

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